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UAV comes into the palm age. Do you follow the wind?

UAV comes into the palm age. Do you follow the wind?

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been a hot topic for us. According to the third party organization Statista, the 2017 consumer UAV sales in the United States will reach an unprecedented 1 billion 300 million US dollars, up 62% than in 2016. With the rapid growth of the market, the UAV products are always trying to change the application scene and performance. Expand the audience by breaking the ground.

In May 24th, we know the latest Mini UAVs in New York: “spark”, which further reduced the user threshold and realized a higher performance visual function on the base of a small size fuselage, marking the formal entry into the palmar and ordinary user areas of the UAV industry.

Once at a time, even a consumer – class UAV has a bulky body, a 2~3 kilogram figure, an unfolding wing and a sudden angle, and a special knapsack that can be put to the large body. But I always feel less approachable. Geeks are their main audience, while ordinary consumers are very interested in buying.

The spark we saw today can be easily placed on the palm. Remember last year’s mavic release, which has alerted four. The size of spark is less than 1/4 of Mavic Pro, and the take-off weight is less than half of Mavic. Face recognition and gesture manipulation are the two highlights, which greatly reduce the user’s threshold and enhance the fun of using.

In fact, as early as spark, many manufacturers have released Mini UAVs. It is also very accurate to seize the pain point of the consumer, the industry leading enterprises to join, clear the future trend of the industry, the miniaturization of unmanned aerial vehicles, in addition to the leading enterprises, and the relevant laws and regulations of various governments are closely related. As early as the end of 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a decree requiring that UAVs weighing more than 0.55 pounds (about 250g) must be registered. After the entry into force of the new regulations, almost all the consumption of UAV products in the market at that time was involved. The UAV needs to register on the government website to receive a proprietary user number and paste it on or on the UAV.

Recently, the Civil Aviation Administration of China has also requested the real name registration of UAVs with a weight of more than 250g since June 1st.

The above regulations have brought about the trend of the development of UAV products to light and miniaturization. At the same time, the self timer function of the UAV will also become a new and important application scene following the UAV aerial photography, and the manufacturers will develop a lot of new functions around the self timer. In modeling, the trend of miniaturization, light weight, portable, foldable and detachable is irresistible, and many manufacturers have even already introduced mini unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Xinjiang.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Goggles flight glasses, released in April this year, not only support the experience of flying pleasure with the God’s perspective, but also support the control of the UAV with the head action, thus we see that the cross-border integration of the UAV and VR technology will be the future trend. Similar products in the industry are expected to sprout up like mushrooms.


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