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Lai Sheng Long pioneered heavy duty plant protection UAV to promote precision development of modern agriculture

Lai Sheng Long pioneered heavy duty plant protection UAV to promote precision development of modern agriculture

The advent of the big data era provides the best guarantee for the precision development of modern agriculture. But if the big data is really used in the concrete production of agriculture, we must have modern machinery production equipment, that is, the need to realize the combination of “modern machinery and equipment + agricultural data”.

Under this background, the demand of plant protection UAV is becoming more and more vigorous with the characteristics of intelligence, high efficiency, economy and energy saving. To promote the precision development of modern agriculture, the rational use of plant protection UAV is essential.

However, it needs to be recognized that the prevalence of plant protection UAVs is not high. According to statistics, the main plant protection machinery used in our country is manual and minicomputer (electric) sprayer, in which manual drug use and back-load mobile medicinal equipment account for 93.07% and 5.53% of the domestic plant protection machinery.

The cause of this situation is that the weight of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is limited, most of which can only load 10 kilos, and the maximum is not more than 20 kilograms; the size of the load will directly affect the efficiency and efficiency of the change, thus affecting the cost. This is undoubtedly a heavy burden for agricultural producers who have paid enormous costs for equipment purchases but failed to make a profit.

In this regard, after two years of research, and the continuous testing and improvement of product performance, with the independent research and development of the motor with complete intellectual property, and a series of technology, the LSL series of heavy load UAV products, including 3WD-LSL-6-15L, 3WD-LSL-8-30L, 3WD-LS, are successfully developed for plant protection service. L-18-65L, the maximum load is up to 80 kilograms.

Among them, Lai Shenglong 65 kilograms of liquid medicine load plant protection UAV are the first in the country.

Seven hundred and forty-five thousand five hundred and forty-eight trillion and eight hundred and sixty-four billion eight hundred and ninety-seven million nine hundred and twenty-seven thousand three hundred and twelve

The emergence of heavy load and plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in Lai Sheng long has created a more diversified choice for the user groups at the same time, to meet the diverse needs of different groups and different regions in the plant protection service.

For example, the 18 wing design of the 65L plant unmanned aerial vehicle, the largest single operation area has been greatly improved to reach 120-150 mu, and the daily operation is raised to 3000 to 4000 mu of land.

This is undoubtedly extremely advantageous for the large-scale and accurate production in the field operation areas.

But more importantly, the emergence of the large heavy loading and planting unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the efficiency of spraying and flying defense has been promoted more than one grade, and it has a strong impetus to the precision development of modern agriculture. The net income from this can also be increased by leaps and bounds.

For example, the 15L unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), designed by six wings, is 60-120 mu per hour compared with 10L, and the maximum daily operation amount can reach 600-1000 mu, and the efficiency is greatly improved. With the improvement of efficiency, the monthly income can reach more than 100,000 yuan.

For example, 30L unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), using eight wing design, although the load is only raised two times, but the maximum single operation area to 50-60 mu, the maximum daily operation capacity can reach 2000 mu, the resulting monthly revenue doubles the increase.

It is worth noting that the heavy load unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is not simply a superposition of weight, but a full upgrade of all aspects of material, technology and design.

Four hundred and twenty-eight thousand six hundred and fifty-three trillion and seventeen billion five hundred and seventy-eight million four hundred and twenty-five thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven

The most obvious is that with the increase of load, the rotor of the UAV is also increasing, from the six wings of 15L to the eight wing of 30L, then to the 18 wing of 65L, which is safe and stable, and can easily cope with the problem of flying and spraying under the weight, and provide a solid foundation for efficient work.

In improving the spraying effect and reducing ineffective spraying, Lai Shenglong also made a lot of hard work. According to the load capacity, the corresponding sprinkler system is equipped on the UAV. For example, on the 65L unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the spraying system has 10 replaceable nozzles, and the spray can be more than 12 meters. The presupposition of the air spray nozzle can effectively reduce the spray of the rotor airflow, thus improving the spraying effect.

For the whole industry, Lai Sheng Long’s heavy load plant protection UAV appears, and constantly improve the performance, also has an important impact.

On the one hand, the emergence of new product categories will undoubtedly stir up a pool of spring water in the industry of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry, and encourage other manufacturers to increase research and development, produce more excellent plant protection products, and ensure that they are not defeated in the fierce competition, thus promoting the development of the industry.

On the other hand, the emergence of new agricultural production equipment can accelerate the combination of “modern machinery and equipment + agricultural data”, and then promote the development of modern agricultural precision.

Seven hundred and eighty-six thousand one hundred and nine trillion and forty-nine billion ninety-two million eight hundred and sixty-six thousand nine hundred and fifty

In the era of big data, precision development must be an important direction of modern agricultural development. To ensure that we do not deviate from the direction, we must have enough mechanized production equipment as support. The successful research and development of Lai Sheng long heavy duty plant protection UAV and its application in the actual agricultural production are undoubtedly a strong agent for this purpose.


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