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How fast is the speed of GT-R Drone UAV?

How fast is the speed of GT-R Drone UAV?

According to some of the previous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) racing, the speed of the aircraft may not be understood in a very intuitive way, considering the lack of reference. Now, the opportunity of brain building is coming. Nissan has dedicated World Drone Prix champion Tornado XBlades Racing to build an UAV. It also branded the GT-R name (name GT-R Drone), with the famous sports car Nissan. The one hundred kilometers acceleration takes only 1.3 seconds, more than 2017 models of the European version of GT-R is faster at about 1.

How fast is the race speed UAV? Ask this car 2017 Nissan GT-R.

During the flight, GT-R Drone can reach a maximum of 185 kilometers per hour, and its minimum radius of rotation is only 0.3 meters. From the video below, the gap between the real wind and the car is not very big.




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