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Dajiang innovation released “Royal” Mavic Air accompanying UAV

Dajiang innovation released “Royal” Mavic Air accompanying UAV

DJI Dajiang, the world leader in civil UAV and aerial photography technology, launched the “Royal” Mavic Air accompanying UAV on the same day. The product integrates powerful reliable flight performance, easy manipulation experience and exquisite design aesthetics. The light and small shape of 430 grams is easy to carry and redefines “extreme portable”, which will push the industrial level and user experience of the consumption level aerial aerial vehicle to a new height.

“Royal” Mavic Air (abbreviated as “Royal” Air) is a brand new product line under the “Royal” brand series. It not only inherits the 3D folding design and advanced technology, but also upgrades the image system, intelligent function, industrial design and flight safety.

“Royal” Mavic Air is equipped with a 4K three axis cloud platform camera with a maximum flight time of up to 21 minutes and a maximum flight speed of 68.4km/h; the front, post, and lower three binocular vision sensors make it perceptible to the environment; the new advanced auxiliary flight system makes the flight more intelligent; the new one key ball panorama, one key short film, and the “Hui pat” are also added. Intelligent mode, bring more fun, safe flight experience.

Luo Zhenhua, president of Dajiang Innovation, said: “For travel, outdoor sports and other enthusiasts, every one gram of travel equipment is essential to reduce. Mavic Air will bring extraordinary travel experience to these scenes, and its small and powerful characteristics will make more new friends become aerial fans. Air is the best choice for the public to purchase UAV products. We sincerely hope that more people can enjoy the fun of aerial photography.

Portable, folding, uncompromising performance

“Royal” Mavic Air perfectly balanced performance and portability, for the first time the 4K three axis cloud platform camera into the unprecedented compact fuselage, once again refreshed industry benchmarks.

“Royal” Mavic Air weight is only 430 grams, on the basis of the classic 3D folding, the use of straight oars, the arm straight into the fuselage, the size of the folded aircraft and the size of the mobile phone, one hand can be easily mastered, truly “extreme portable”.

In performance, the “Royal” Mavic Air camera uses 1/2.3 inches and 12 million pixel CMOS sensors to support the recording of 4K/30fps video and 1080p/120fps slow motion video with 100Mbps code stream. The larger stream can capture more details in the recording process and achieve better quality performance; its three axis cloud platform control accuracy is up to 0.005 degrees. The stability of the picture is improved during the flight. In addition, the “Air” power system is strong, and its good wind resistance makes it work normally at 5000 meters high altitude. Thanks to this, “Yu” Air has shown excellent performances in scenery, travel, outdoor sports shooting and other scenes.

The new one button spherical panoramic function enables the users of “Mavic” Air to share 360 degrees of new horizons at any time. It can take 32 million pixel spherical panoramic photos, and has excellent internal stitching capability. After taking 25 photos automatically, a smooth, complete, clear, spherical panorama can be quickly synthesized and shared with a social platform in the SkyPixel sky city.

In addition, the “Mavic” Air also supports vertical shooting, wide angle and 180 degree panoramic photo mode. The aircraft is equipped with 8GB airborne memory, which is used for emergency storage. It supports the expansion of Mirco SD card. The photos and videos can be exported quickly through the USB 3 interface of the fuselage.

Simple and easy to use, unique design ingenuity

“Royal” Mavic Air in the pursuit of perfection in the details of the project, presenting an organic combination of design and engineering aesthetics, and more through technical upgrading, to achieve a more simple and easy to use interactive experience.

Design, “Royal” Mavic Air fuselage light, compact, surface and lines interlaced, the use of excellent aerodynamic design, creating a dynamic, personality and strong motion breath; embedded design to make full protection of the cloud platform camera; use every inch, so that the “Royal” Mavic Air in the body volume compression to the extreme. At the same time, it can still guarantee long term output with strong performance.

In addition to the lifting of the arm design, the “Royal” Mavic Air front end of the arm is equipped with a set of foldable landing gear, not only to better protect the cloud platform and lens at take-off, but also to build a built-in antenna to enhance the communication efficiency of flight. Besides, the remote control rocker can be detachably placed in the remote controller to make the trip and storage more convenient.

In addition, the “Mavic” Air intelligent follow-up has higher recognition accuracy and more sensitive shooting, and can intelligently recognize multiple targets. Whether the user is running, jumping or riding, he can follow exactly. The new short asteroid and comet mode is added to the key short film to make the large shots touch.

Thanks to the progress of machine learning technology, “Mavic” Air launched a new way of human-machine interaction. In the “Hui pat” mode, the user can control the landing and movement of the UAV through the palm of the hand. It can operate more smoothly and safely. It can help the user to complete the composition intelligently and conveniently, and take the ideal photo or video.

Intelligent, safe, visible

“Royal” Mavic Air combines computer vision, image processing, machine learning and other technologies, supplemented by powerful computing performance and a more optimized fusion algorithm, making the flight more intelligent and safe.

The “Mavic” Air FlightAutonomy 2 system, equipped with 7 visual sensors, can more accurately acquire the posture of the fuselage and ensure safe flight. The advanced Visual Intertial Odometry, called “VIO”), combined with the new generation of flight control navigation algorithm, doubles its positioning accuracy; two built-in complementary fusion algorithms are built and closely coordinated with 15 groups of sensors in the fuselage.


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