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How fast is the speed of GT-R Drone UAV?

According to some of the previous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) racing, the speed of the aircraft may not be understood in a very intuitive way, considering the lack of reference. Now, the opportunity of brain building is coming. Nissan has dedicated World Drone Prix champion Tornado XBlades Racing to build an UAV. It also branded the GT-R name (name GT-R Drone), with the famous sports car Nissan. The one hundred kilometers acceleration takes only 1.3 seconds, more than 2017 models of the European version of GT-R is faster at about 1.

The latest UAV, elves 4 Pro, wake up 4K comparison video.

Are you planning to buy the latest smart phone? Or do you plan to upgrade your old computer? Or do you want to buy a UAV to experience the fun of flying and aerial photography? If you have a plan to buy a drone, look at this contrast video.

American net red @CaseyNeistat recently three unmanned aerial vehicles in Xinjiang Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire Pro carried out a 4K video shooting and control comparison, see the three different positioning and pricing are very different aerial UAVs are different.

Spark unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) new product video

The recent news about the new small UAVs Spark in Xinjiang has gradually increased. With the exposure of the fuselage spy, the new UAV, which has been in a mysterious state, has finally opened the veil.

Spark unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) new product video

From the photos taken before, Spark’s fuselage is designed with fixed cantilever and has four propellers. The size of the fuselage is only about 14cm, which is very light.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Voliro

Voliro UAV using rotating nacelle more applications can also add “stunt”

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Voliro

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Voliro

For example, the UAV Voliro developed by ETH Zurich is an innovative helicopter that can transform any direction.

Last month, we reported the Omnicopter, developed by the ETH Zurich (ETH Zurich), which has a cube shape that provides thrust for the translation and rotation of all directions. There are many indications that Omnicopter is very convenient to operate. But because of its huge volume, it may only serve in the Swiss Laboratory for a lifetime.