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Another car making new force, lifetime warranty, the roof with its UAV.

Because of the earliest entry into the new energy field, Tesla’s position in the field is beyond doubt. It has become the sacred car of most people’s mind. The ability to build electric cars like Tesla has become an unswerving goal of many new vehicles. Some people have been on the road, like fog, never arrived. And someone has already taken out their transcripts. Recently, Xiaopeng motor has launched the electric vehicle G3, and announced the opening of the first limited booking, with a limit of 2000 units, with a pre sale price of 20-28 yuan. Only 29 hours after the news, Xiaopeng G3 was sold out.

In appearance, Xiaopeng G3 has adopted a minimalist design style and no upper intake grille. The integrated design is smooth, sleek and individual. The lower grille looks like a big mouth, very sharp. The sharp lights on both sides of the headlights are made up of 3 LED lights and vertical design split lights. The vertical tubular lamps on both sides are also very individual.

Xi’an, China reporter experience “think of success” West Industrial University brain control technology to control UAV operation

The development of science and technology is no longer just a blessing. This curiosity takes you to explore the brain control technology developed by Northwestern Polytechnical University team and control the robot and UAV with human brain.

On-the-spot demonstration

The operator stares at the light robot on the screen and moves

Recently, the Hollywood science fiction film “circum Pacific 2” is in the heat. The hero is in the body of a machine armor. The “master” can control the machine as if he is in control of his body.

The technology described in this sci-fi movie is “brain control technology”, which uses human mind to control external things such as machines. The nerve information team, led by Professor Xie Songyun of the school of electronic information of Northwestern Polytechnical University, has carried out more than ten years of research in this field and has made great breakthroughs. Yesterday, the team members showed one of the experimental modes of the technology to the Chinese business reporter.

China’s UAV freight “air battle” starts UAV not only looks very beautiful.

Have you ever thought that one day we would like the movie “the number one”, open the window to enjoy the rapid distribution of the UAV, whether it is in the countryside, the island, the plateau, the cliff village, the high-end community, the campus, the office building…

This is not a dream, nor does it have to wait until 2045 in the movie. In recent years, the commercial operation of logistics UAV has been greatly accelerated. The logistics and distribution of unmanned aerial vehicles in China has entered the legal operation stage, and “takeoff” is not far from us.

Unmanned aerial vehicle: an important link in the logistics network

China Jingdong unmanned aerial vehicle delivery

Learned from Jingdong, Jingdong said that in August 29th, it has received written approval of the UAV airspace covering the whole province of Shaanxi. It is understood that this is the first covering the province’s UAV airspace approval.

Meanwhile, Jingdong officially released the first tilting rotor UAV VT1 which can be used for branch and trunk transportation. According to the briefing, VT1 is the first UAV model for branch and trunk transportation, with a distance of over 200 kilometers and a take-off weight of more than 200 kilograms. Tilting rotorcraft is a new type of aircraft that combines the advantages of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, and is vividly called the “mixed blood” in the air.

How can the UAV operate?

In recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have been constantly seen in people’s sight. Before, we only know that UAVs are widely used in military fields; now, the market size of civilian UAVs is growing rapidly. UAVs can also be used for aerial photography, monitoring and delivery, and many occasions need unmanned aircraft to show their hands. Maybe you didn’t know that drones could still play this way.

You should have heard of these things related to UAVs.

China black flying UAV interference caused 58 flights to Chengdu: report reward not less than 10 thousand

In the evening of April 21st, the reporter learned exclusive, 21 afternoon 3 hours, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, a total of 4 “black fly” unmanned aerial vehicle interference, resulting in 58 flights to Xi’an, Chongqing, Guiyang and Mianyang airport, 4 aircraft returned, exceeding 10 thousand passengers were hindered by the detention of the Airport.

Reporters learned that at 14:38 on the afternoon of 21, 3U8996 flight and 3U8360 flight in the double flow Airport 20R runway five sides of the 23 sea meters side, the crew found a green UAVs. Then report the public security. The drone led to 13 flights and 1 flights back.

World intelligent UAV series of activities warming up intelligent technology show opens

“This video is super shocking, and wants to watch the world intelligent UAV race.” Mr. Ge is a technology fan. He saw the video of the world intelligent UAV series activities at the scene of the joy city of Tianjin.

In April 20th, the world intelligent Congress, a series of world intelligent UAVs, launched a preheating in Tianjin Joy City. With the sonorous and powerful music rhythm, the screen and the wonderful tableau of the past racing UAVs appeared on the screen, and the exciting scene and the speed of speed made the audience cheering.

Niuye creates omnidirectional tilting vector multirotor UAV flight platform

Recently, the 4 days of International Defense Exhibition at the Malaysia International Trade Exhibition Center has come to an end. Industry experts, government leaders, exhibitors and spectators from all over the world have gathered together to share a world-class scientific and technological feast for the defense industry. During the exhibition, niuo technology focused on the “Liao” vector multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicle, “cattle wild” tandem wing rotor unmanned aerial vehicle two products, and also launched a police security solution.

At the exhibition, Niuye technology overseas business manager introduced to the media: “our cow wild UAV system, using the independent research and development of the flight control system, has been fully tilted, and is the only vector multi rotor UAV flying platform in the world. The products we have brought in this time are the five light pod of the cow field flight platform plus the multitask load, and have multiple image acquisition capabilities, such as multiploidy zoom in the night, infrared switching, and night star light compensation lighting.

Niuye technology to build industrial grade UAVs in China

“My team has a unique world class advanced UAVs technology, so I am confident that by putting the strongest brain in the UAVs, I can use this forward-looking technology to lead the ‘industry 4’, vigorously promote the application and development of intelligent technology, plug in the wings for intelligent manufacturing, and will be ‘bovine field’. Technology has become a Chinese business card for industrial UAVs, creating a new era of intelligent manufacturing for UAVs. ” The founder of Niu Ye technology company said.

It is reported that Niuye Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the national first batch of double creation demonstration base. It is a high-tech enterprise which integrates the flight control system of UAV, the whole machine of unmanned aerial vehicle and the large data supervision of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the design, development, production, sales and service of the large data supervision cloud system. There are more than 170 employees, including 65% of master’s degree and doctorate. This seemingly young team has more than ten years of work experience in the UAV industry, and has rich technical accumulation in the overall design of UAV and the core flight control system.

China creates the first small ducted fan UAV or deploys the domestic aircraft carrier.

At the recent nineteenth China International Model Expo in Beijing, the first civil minitype culvert fan UAV developed by the China aerospace industry attracted people’s eyeballs. According to the relevant personnel, the UAV is about 20 centimeters high and weighs about 250 grams. It is especially suitable for the small space. At the same time, the flight safety and efficiency of the UAV are very high. It fully meets the safety requirements of the near ground and other scenes.

According to Zhao Tianlong, an engineering engineer from the China aerospace industry, the power efficiency of the micro UAV is at least 30% higher than that of the small UAV on the market because of its rocket – like flight principle. This is also a great step in the field of UAV cluster operations in China.