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Lai Sheng Long pioneered heavy duty plant protection UAV to promote precision development of modern agriculture

The advent of the big data era provides the best guarantee for the precision development of modern agriculture. But if the big data is really used in the concrete production of agriculture, we must have modern machinery production equipment, that is, the need to realize the combination of “modern machinery and equipment + agricultural data”.

Under this background, the demand of plant protection UAV is becoming more and more vigorous with the characteristics of intelligence, high efficiency, economy and energy saving. To promote the precision development of modern agriculture, the rational use of plant protection UAV is essential.

However, it needs to be recognized that the prevalence of plant protection UAVs is not high. According to statistics, the main plant protection machinery used in our country is manual and minicomputer (electric) sprayer, in which manual drug use and back-load mobile medicinal equipment account for 93.07% and 5.53% of the domestic plant protection machinery.


Dajiang innovation released “Royal” Mavic Air accompanying UAV

DJI Dajiang, the world leader in civil UAV and aerial photography technology, launched the “Royal” Mavic Air accompanying UAV on the same day. The product integrates powerful reliable flight performance, easy manipulation experience and exquisite design aesthetics. The light and small shape of 430 grams is easy to carry and redefines “extreme portable”, which will push the industrial level and user experience of the consumption level aerial aerial vehicle to a new height.

“Royal” Mavic Air (abbreviated as “Royal” Air) is a brand new product line under the “Royal” brand series. It not only inherits the 3D folding design and advanced technology, but also upgrades the image system, intelligent function, industrial design and flight safety.


Why are US military UAVs fighting behind technical support companies going on strike?

With the continuous development of UAV technology in recent years, UAVs play a more and more important role in modern wars. The unmanned drones operated by ground personnel can be easily qualified for these tasks, and in the United States, the United States has been developing military UAVs and has been equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles with excellent performance. But for now, most UAVs still need guidance from ground controllers, which, to a certain extent, also limits the efficiency of mission completion. Therefore, in order to further improve the operational effectiveness of the UAVs, The Pentagon has greatly increased its investment in the UAVs. According to the US Department of defense, the US U.S. Army has reached $7 billion 400 million in total input in the field of artificial intelligence and big data in the last year alone. And by the Deputy Minister of intelligence work, the Project Maven algorithm operational cross functional group (AWCFT) was set up to further integrate large data and master the computer vision technology related to the UAV, and the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) carrying the technology could automatically distinguish the various objects in the video. Detection and identification of nearly 40 kinds of targets.


AR smart glasses encounter no chance. What are the wonderful results?

EPSON BT-300 augmented reality smart glasses as wearable devices, combined with UAVs to make consumers better feel the pleasure of the first person flying, as if real in the air overlooking the world general, thus enhancing the interactive experience of man and machine, improve the quality of shooting. At the same time, the binocular penetration design can ensure the position of UAV in the air at any time.

The river mountains and rivers have a full view, the jungle green in a glance – a UAV, a pair of EPSON BT-300 AR smart glasses, at any time can enjoy the first person to enjoy the natural beauty of the air overlook, charm is self-evident.


Boeing releases large cargo drones to send two elephants to heaven.

Boeing has a big appetite and has a big guy. This UAV can carry the weight of two small elephants – that is, almost four me.

The aircraft weighs 339 kilograms (747 pounds), but it can carry 226 kilograms (500 pounds) of cargo. Boeing said it might use drones to shift heavy goods in the future.

Now, many companies are targeting logistics UAVs, from Amazon in the us to Jingdong and Shun Feng in China. Some cargo drones are even more heavy laden than this. For example:

In December 26, 2017, SF launched the UAV flight test in Yunnan, providing parts for HUAWEI’s emergency network communication maintenance in the mountains. The logistics UAV, known as “double tail scorpion”, is a big guy who can carry 1.2 tons of cargo, wingspan 20 meters, fuselage 10 meters, and sail 3000 kilometers.


Behind the most cattle financing in the history of Dajiang: glory, crisis and anxiety

In May 9, 2018, the latest round of innovation in the Xinjiang innovation was finally introduced. The leaders (about five or six, the specific list has not been published) will be added up to a quota of at least $one hundred million per family. In the current round of financing, the list of institutional investors entering the third round does not exceed 20, and the D/B ratio is 1.5:1. At present, the $1 billion financing has been basically finalized.

So far, the “financing drama”, which had sung for over a month, finally came to an end.

The largest cattle financing in the history of Dajiang: D/ B share subscription ratio 1.5:1, fund-raising ultra plan 30 times

As an unquestionable unicorn, this financing is a competitive bidding method, which is different from the general private equity financing. It sets a set of bidding rules: investors have to subscribe to a certain proportion of D shares, like “interest free” debt, to qualify for B class investment.

Undoubtedly, Dajiang is fully leading the “financing drama” with the role of “the most powerful financier in history”.


Why is UAVs more difficult than birds to prevent radar from seeing the naked eye?

The Civil Aviation Administration of China announced in May 16th that civil UAVs will be registered with real names, and the actual registration of unmanned aerial vehicles with a quality of more than 250 grams is officially registered in June 1st. The units and individuals who already own UAV must complete the real name registration before August 31st.

The real name registration of UAV comes from the hidden danger of “black fly” (unregistered flight) UAV in recent years. The statistics of the Civil Aviation Bureau showed that in April, 13 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) flying safety incidents had been affected by flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in 5 airports, causing 288 flights to be returned, prepared, waiting or cancelled. Among them, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport was particularly prominent. During the 21 days from April 14th to May 4th, 8 unmanned aerial vehicles were interfered with civil aviation flights, causing 138 flights to be returned and prepared for landing. In the first week of May, 4 civil aviation airports were affected by UAV interference. From 19 hours in May 12th, Chongqin Jiangbei Airport was repeatedly interfered by UAV, resulting in more than 200 flights scheduled for cancellation, cancellation or delay.


UAV comes into the palm age. Do you follow the wind?

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been a hot topic for us. According to the third party organization Statista, the 2017 consumer UAV sales in the United States will reach an unprecedented 1 billion 300 million US dollars, up 62% than in 2016. With the rapid growth of the market, the UAV products are always trying to change the application scene and performance. Expand the audience by breaking the ground.

In May 24th, we know the latest Mini UAVs in New York: “spark”, which further reduced the user threshold and realized a higher performance visual function on the base of a small size fuselage, marking the formal entry into the palmar and ordinary user areas of the UAV industry.

Once at a time, even a consumer – class UAV has a bulky body, a 2~3 kilogram figure, an unfolding wing and a sudden angle, and a special knapsack that can be put to the large body. But I always feel less approachable. Geeks are their main audience, while ordinary consumers are very interested in buying.


The design of the ring mounted deformable rotor is innovative.

Most UAVs use 4-6 rotors, and the UAV is a dual rotor design, the body appears more flexible and compact. The designer thinks that it is suitable for extreme sports enthusiasts or adventurers and can be placed in any size backpack.


ALVIX concept UAV adopts a cylindrical fuselage. After rotating and receiving, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is modeled as one, the volume is light and the rotor is integrated into the fuselage. It is protected by the ring structure, and the user can keep the backpack in peace. The ring structure just enhances the crashworthiness of the fuselage, and completely covers and protects the rotor. It can effectively resist external collision and avoid the explosion to the greatest extent.


Intel UAV is being used to help maintain the the Great Wall of China.

The most beautiful the Great Wall in China will be maintained by Intel UAV.

Chip maker Intel and China Heritage Conservation Foundation will work together to make use of Intel Falcon 8+ UAV to air the the Great Wall. The the Great Wall is known for its steep steps and beautiful scenery.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the high definition 3D image will show the original appearance of the the Great Wall, which is convenient for people to monitor and identify the damaged parts and to repair it.