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Monthly ArchiveAugust 2018

Lai Sheng Long pioneered heavy duty plant protection UAV to promote precision development of modern agriculture

The advent of the big data era provides the best guarantee for the precision development of modern agriculture. But if the big data is really used in the concrete production of agriculture, we must have modern machinery production equipment, that is, the need to realize the combination of “modern machinery and equipment + agricultural data”.

Under this background, the demand of plant protection UAV is becoming more and more vigorous with the characteristics of intelligence, high efficiency, economy and energy saving. To promote the precision development of modern agriculture, the rational use of plant protection UAV is essential.

However, it needs to be recognized that the prevalence of plant protection UAVs is not high. According to statistics, the main plant protection machinery used in our country is manual and minicomputer (electric) sprayer, in which manual drug use and back-load mobile medicinal equipment account for 93.07% and 5.53% of the domestic plant protection machinery.

Dajiang innovation released “Royal” Mavic Air accompanying UAV

DJI Dajiang, the world leader in civil UAV and aerial photography technology, launched the “Royal” Mavic Air accompanying UAV on the same day. The product integrates powerful reliable flight performance, easy manipulation experience and exquisite design aesthetics. The light and small shape of 430 grams is easy to carry and redefines “extreme portable”, which will push the industrial level and user experience of the consumption level aerial aerial vehicle to a new height.

“Royal” Mavic Air (abbreviated as “Royal” Air) is a brand new product line under the “Royal” brand series. It not only inherits the 3D folding design and advanced technology, but also upgrades the image system, intelligent function, industrial design and flight safety.