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Monthly ArchiveJune 2018

Why are US military UAVs fighting behind technical support companies going on strike?

With the continuous development of UAV technology in recent years, UAVs play a more and more important role in modern wars. The unmanned drones operated by ground personnel can be easily qualified for these tasks, and in the United States, the United States has been developing military UAVs and has been equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles with excellent performance. But for now, most UAVs still need guidance from ground controllers, which, to a certain extent, also limits the efficiency of mission completion. Therefore, in order to further improve the operational effectiveness of the UAVs, The Pentagon has greatly increased its investment in the UAVs. According to the US Department of defense, the US U.S. Army has reached $7 billion 400 million in total input in the field of artificial intelligence and big data in the last year alone. And by the Deputy Minister of intelligence work, the Project Maven algorithm operational cross functional group (AWCFT) was set up to further integrate large data and master the computer vision technology related to the UAV, and the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) carrying the technology could automatically distinguish the various objects in the video. Detection and identification of nearly 40 kinds of targets.